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Let's Walk Through this Together

A Suite of Therapeutic Supports

All sessions are held in a safe and co-regulated way. Together we will create a space that supports your highest potential no matter what you are needing. Our journey together will encourage you to grow and expand in a safe and supported way.

You will develop a tool kit of practical skills for everyday living and embodiment. I bring the elements of laughter and play into our sessions. Sometimes when we are working through some big things, it can be an asset to be able to balance that out by having a laugh and letting our sense of adventurousness and wonder come to the table.

Through close connection during our appointments we make sure we stay within your nervous system's window of tolerance. This is essential when working with trauma and wanting to ensure safety and stability within yourself. Each session builds upon each other. The deepest and most sustainable changes take place when we commit ourselves to the ongoing process of nurture and development. It takes time to practice and learn new skills and integrate this within our selves; which is why ongoing session work is recommended. I also give suggestions of things to try in between sessions to support you in your daily life.

I have a strong belief in the power of the natural elements to bring about comfort and healing and this is highlighted in the flexible way I share space with you. I offer in person sessions/space holdings from a variety of locations on the North Coast of NSW, Australia; this includes the option to meet by the ocean or under the trees if you so choose!

If you're not sure which option is right for you, please get in touch and we can talk through the options to find out whether you are in the right spot.


My Offerings


Support for Women & Children navigating Domestic Abuse


 Counselling &Therapeutic Mentoring for Children & Young People 


Holding Space & Guidance Session


Circle of Security Program & Coaching

We all need relational support, guidance and encouragement to help us keep going while we tap into our inner wisdoms. I am here for that. I aim to be that safe base that you can branch out from and come back to as often as you need.


“She entered with a huge loving smile and wrapped herself around us all providing a lasting blanket of love and support that never faulted”.

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