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Counselling & Therapeutic Mentoring for Children & Young People

Alchemy supports children and young people who are navigating their own experience of belonging.

Often times, adolescence can be a time of growth where young people are navigating their own developing identity and challenging the structures that they are growing in. Whether it be teaching life skills or talking through a situation, children and young people benefit from having someone lend them an ear and simply listen.

What can we do together?

We will meet up on a regular basis in an outdoor place of your choosing (If you prefer to come to an indoor space, I do offer two studio spaces in the Clarence Valley and on the Coffs Coast) to talk and move our bodies through whatever it is that is troubling you and lean into your inner wisdom to connect with the tools you need to access to make things feel better for you.

Some of the challenges you're facing could be just finding that right spot to land. You may be having some trickiness at school (such as bullying), some social worries, mental health or addiction worries as well as finding it hard to be in some of the relationships you are in (family/friends and otherwise). My intention is to be with you as you make changes that can improve your overall wellbeing by offering a safe space that can help buffer some of the trickiness along the way.

Extra bits you may want to know

I am a big believer in the power of connection to self, others and nature as key supports to living a safe and healthy life.

I use playfulness, curiosity, empathy and autonomy in the work that we do together. I balance my approach by also offering some tips, tricks and tools that can be used to weave into your world.


Having been a child and young person once, I know that we are always searching for a sense of belonging, both with self and others and working out what we like and dislike and how we want to show up in the world- this can often be a tricky time! It can also be a fun time, a time to try new things and new identities and ways of being. Sometimes we also just want to talk this stuff out with someone and have them walk beside us as we make our own informed choices about where to next or how to navigate something that has come up.

Each counselling or mentoring package is tailored to meet the unique needs and pricing of services is discussed at the time of referral.

*Alchemy is also able to be accessed by those who have a self managed NDIS Plan

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