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Service Providers

Tailored Therapeutic Support and Consultation Packages for Parents/Carers, Children & Young people in the Child Protection and Out of Home Care Sector.

My therapeutic response is trauma informed and attachment focused, keeping the voice of the children and young people as central. Initial consultation will determine the therapeutic goals and a tailored support package can then be provided.

Examples of Tailored Support Packages include:

  • Relational Repair Support for carer and young person

  • Relational Repair Support for carer, young person and parent

  • In school support for modelling of trauma informed behavioural support for young people

  • Family Time Review and planning

Assessment Services include but aren’t limited to:

  • Carer Reviews (General Foster Care and Kinship Care)

  • Carer Assessments (General Foster Care and Kinship Care)

  • Guardianship Assessments

  • Placement Reviews

Throughout my years of experience I have had the opportunity to learn about and participate in a variety of educational and therapeutic approaches and work alongside inspiring mentors who aligned with my values and supported my growth and development. Committed to ongoing professional development, I remain connected to the research and best practices being utilised in support of our children, young people and families. 

Get in touch to request a referral form and I will review the referral information and then establish a time with you for consultation and package planning


"Kylie’s understanding of  OOHC, child development, parenting and trauma informed care, along with her commitment to offering a culturally informed and sensitive approach has been an asset to the work that she has produced. She has consistently evidenced that she is a skilled practitioner who is able to engage with her client group with genuine care and empathy, putting the best interest of the child at the front of all her work in assessments and the recommendations that are made. This has led to my recommending Kylie’s services to other OOHC service providers on numerous occasions."

 Manager Carer Assessments and Review -

Aboriginal Out of Home Care Agency

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