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Support for Women & Children navigating Domestic Abuse

No matter where you are at on your journey, I understand the value of having someone be with you as you navigate your way to safety and peace.

My services support women, children and young people who have experienced domestic and family abuse and could benefit from a therapeutic response. My therapeutic response is one that is safety focused, trauma informed, and person centred.

Conversations with you will help us identify your support needs and then a package can be tailored to meet your needs and goals. For some, a one-off session is all that is needed. To be seen, heard and respected can sometimes just be the platform that helps you take the leap you need.

Services are provided from my in-person spaces on the Coffs Coast and in the Clarence Valley. I also offer the opportunity to meet out and about and take a walk together, if you prefer and safety permits.

Connection Circles

I offer regular connection circles, free of charge, for women in the Clarence Valley and Coffs Coast impacted by Domestic Abuse.

Sitting among a group of other women who are walking a similar journey to you can provide that added layer of support and reduce your feelings of isolation and low self-worth. Please get in touch to find out the latest circles happening in your area.

*Online connection circles are also available for any woman when the need arises.

What could you gain from my support?

Your time with me will give you a compassionate, safe and supportive space to explore your inner and outer life, thoughts, feelings and behaviours connected to the journey that you are navigating.

Throughout the last 10 plus years in my career, I have witnessed many women light up again as they reconnect with their whole selves and rebuild their self-belief and self worth.

Access to therapeutic support sessions is shown to reduce distress and improve distress tolerance as well as help you connect with your inner resources, self-knowledge, and awareness. When needed, therapeutic support can also help you connect with new knowledge and tools that can partner with your inner wisdom and help your safety and wellbeing continue to improve long after our time together ends.

I come to offer this support from a place of  compassion and understanding for the brave and courageous person you are. You deserve to be on the other side of where you are now and I will walk with you and encourage you as  you tap into your own inner wisdom and remember your self-worth. It is through this that you will get to a place where safety and peace is both within you and around you.

For Anyone Navigating Domestic Abuse

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